Individualize your crew past and present

IndiviHumans have a tendency to hang on to the past, “Well, last time I did not have this problem with Fido”, while that is fantastic and I might add lucky, those are some big shoes Fido 2.0 has to fill now. Is that fair to them, no, and I am all about fairness. While the 2.0 version has no clue as to why you aren’t truly happy with them, all they know is that you aren’t a huge fan. Unless they are true clones that have had the same experiences, things will always be a bit different.
When humans hear a story of a dog’s past, the most heartbreaking, the better because we want to be the person that fixed the dog. With that being said, you are holding them hostage to their past. We have to stop it. Encourage them to make a new path forward.

We always need to set our animals up for success and that requires a few things in the beginning. After the last article on decompression, I received a bunch of hate from people calling me names and making accusations, but that does not change the fact that a crate (if used properly) will set your dog up to succeed because coming home to a hole in the couch, pillows exploded, pee and poop everywhere would not have happened if your dog was in the crate. Once we see the destruction, our energy changes and the dog senses it. They are reacting to your emotional change, they aren’t feeling guilty, that is an example of people humanizing dogs. Once you start to ease your dog into the home alone role and they get an idea of what is expected of them, then you can start to phase the crate out. Here is something else that humans don’t get, as you ease them out of the crate and you supervise them, that is when you teach them that the couch is not a toy. Dogs aren’t suddenly born knowing to not chew the couch and they shouldn’t pee on the rug. You have to teach them.

Another way to utilize separating the dogs you currently have is to know who is up to mischief. I got a call recently about an animal using the bathroom on the rug, so when I called them, they had just gotten dog number 5 and 1 of the 5 is using the bathroom on the rugs. The people don’t want to use crates, baby gates, closed doors or any type of confinement method, so what can we do? Nothing. I can’t address a problem if I don’t specifically know who the culprit is. They would pick up the water, give a couple of late night potty breaks, and the moment the door closed to their room, the pee-party was on.

People think that their dogs all need the same exact things and have the same wants and needs, but that is not true. Work, play, walk, and be lazy with the individual dog 1 on 1. Making a dog competitive with the other dogs in the house will creat upset between the dogs and can lead to fights.

if you have questions, please let me know.

Sarah Gill



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