Leave it Command

I absolutely love this command and it comes very handy with it’s universal use. I use it on a daily basis for anything from a person, another animal (squirrel, cat, dog, etc…), dropped piece of food, etc. Should you have a poop eater, get this command solid enough and you can use it for that.

*Just remember that it is a command that you have to be present for, saying “leave it” once does not mean they won’t try to engage at a later time.

*Timing is imperative, so keep those treats handy and get ready to reward.

*Teaching dogs new things is always done in a positive manner

How I teach the dogs this:

You will need a toy the dog likes and some treats

1. Using the toy, bring it “alive” by moving it around. If it makes noises, you will use that a bit later on to increase the difficulty

2. The moment the dog starts to go for the toy, in a calm and assertive voice say “Leave it”. (When they start to go at the toy, don’t pull it away otherwise you are creating a game.)

3. The dog will pause a second and that’s when you reward. TIMING IS IMPERATIVE at this point.

4. You will start to add distractions in when it gets a little more solid.

5. Keep using the same toy in this learning phase, after a week of this start using other toys

The more you practice this, the more your dog will start to back off. Give it time.

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