Dog Training

The private lesson programs mean that we go until the problem is fixed or the goal is obtained. That means once a week or twice a week (Both in home and public). Programs start at $699 and can go up to $3000
• Puppy program where we cover the basics: leash walking, sit, down, off, out and come
• Adult basics: leash walking, sit, down, off, out and come
• Human aggression
• Dog aggression
• Fearful dog
• Cat to dog relationship (aggression, desensitization, fearfulness towards the cats)
• Vet/Grooming desensitization (hands on desensitization for the vet; hands on desensitization of bath, dryer and nails for grooming)

Private lessons mean I travel to you or meet you in public. Each lesson is an average of 60 minutes and they start at $150 per lesson within my travel area.

Board and Train programs mean the dog stays with me in my home. These programs start at $1699 and include tools, should the program require it. The different programs we offer are:
• Puppy basics
• Adult basics
• Adult basics and off leash
• Aggression (human and animal)
• Fearful dog
• Socialization
• Behavior modification and addressing customized needs.

Day training (prices vary)
• Puppy training of the basics (sit, down, off, jumping, potty training, come, biting)

Assistance dog training (prices vary)
• Service dog training
• Therapy dog training

Please fill out the contact form with some details so we get you a more accurate quote.
All of our lessons and packages are customized for you and your dog’s needs.


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