Dog Training

Private Training Lessons

Private dog training lessons are the best way to get individual attention for your dog. The idea is to work on your training goals until we achieve them. We will meet once or twice a week; both at home and in public. Programs start at $399

  • Puppy training, covering the basics: leash walking, sit, down, off, out and come.
  • Adult training, covering: leash walking, sit, down, off, out and come.
  • Human aggression.
  • Dog aggression.
  • Fearful dogs.
  • Cat to dog relationship (aggression, desensitization, fearfulness towards the cats).
  • Vet/Grooming desensitization, including: hands on desensitization for the vet; hands on desensitization of bath, dryer and nails for grooming.

For private lessons I travel to you or meet you in public. Each lesson is an average of 60 minutes and they start at $150 per lesson within my travel area.

Board & Train Dog Training Programs

During Board and Train programs your dog stays with me in my home. These programs start at $2000 and include tools, should the training require it. The different board and train training programs we offer are:

  • Puppy basics
  • Adult basics
  • Adult basics and off leash
  • Aggression (human and animal)
  • Fearful dogs
  • Socialization
  • Behavior modification and addressing customized needs.

Day Training

  • Puppy training of the basics (sit, down, off, jumping, potty training, come, biting)

Assistance Dog Training

  • Service dogs
  • Therapy dogs

All of my lessons and training packages are customized for you and your dog’s needs.

Based out of Riverside County, I currently offer local dog training in the following areas: Riverside County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County and San Diego County. I offer board and train and all coaching services nationwide. In addition, I partner with Ralf from Happy Dog Training. We refer clients to each other.

Contact me here for scheduling a consultation to discuss how I can help you best.

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