Service Dog Trainer Sarah Gill

I am service dog trainer Sarah Gill. I grew up with a dad, who loved working with his personal bird dogs and a mom who loved animals. As a result, I worked with animals at an early age. After a debilitating car accident in 2011, I entered the professional dog training world. In a wheelchair, with shattered feet, fractures in my legs, fractures in my spine and unable to walk, but I was not going to let that stop me.

I defied the odds with the help of physical therapy. The moment I could walk again, I went to school to become certified through a Canine Master Trainer Program with the goal of becoming a service dog trainer. Since 2011, I had ten reconstructive surgeries on my legs. During my seventh surgery, I caught a virus that shut down my organs; I was in a coma for two weeks. Waking up from said coma gave me an understanding of how dogs must feel when waking up in shelters. For this reason, I donate some of my time to help dogs with aggressive tendencies.

My past has gotten me to where I am today and it is a blessing. It may have been rough, but it made it all worth it. I love being a service dog trainer who helps people gaining more independence through their canine helpers.