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Puppy Training

This article is about puppy training but also applies to any other new dog you may bring home. I will go to a client’s house that just got a new puppy. They are following the puppy around saying “no” and by the 5th “no” they are yelling “NO”. First things first, does the dog even…
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The “Leave It” Command

I absolutely love the "leave it" command with its universal use. I use it on a daily basis for anything from a person, to another animal (i.e. squirrel, cat, dog, and so on), to a dropped piece of food, etc.

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Mixed Messages

Dogs flourish with clarity. Mixed messages lead to trouble. Often times I go into homes where the family is having relationship difficulties with their dogs. This is mostly caused by inconsistency. For example, one person is strict and has the dog working for treats. While another person is basically tossing treats the dog's way just…
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