Life purpose, unconditional love --- It’s all been said before. But, Sarah Gill is EXCEPTIONAL! She was blessed with innate abilities to reach out and help animals reach their full potential ... man’s BEST FRIEND.

Sarah brings with her to any situation unwavering powerful love and respect for each animal. Her desire to train with love and “pack leadership” mentality radiates as she therapeutically works with each precious soul. Sarah has a heart for helping every dog heal that crosses her path. She has helped many of our rescue dogs at DallasDogRRR overcome fears and reactivity so that we can help them find forever homes. These dogs would otherwise be unadoptable. She has succeeded with each individual case as she provides support to the dogs by training us as well. Many times it is the human that needs help to handle the dog rather than the dog needing training! Dogs love unconditionally and are so much smarter than their human. Each day in animal rescue brings to light difficult and heart-wrenching situations of animal abuse. The most obvious abuse is physical; however, psychological recovery for these animals must be addressed for successful adoptive forever homes to be realized. Sarah has the knowledge, intuition, experience, and most of all patience to treat every case individually with success. Her methods are effective and help the animal positively reconnect with humans. I greatly appreciate the constant flow of information and assistance to our various teams. Rehabilitation and Basic Training must be approached with a full circle of support in order for the dog to be successful. As well, it is imperative that training is ongoing and consistent. Sarah is a phone call away and stands ready to provide behavioral rehabilitation and basic training support. She will come, by appointment, to your home and assess the situation and ultimately create a strategic plan for you and your dog to follow. She will give you, the pet owner, authentic practical applications to reinforce her training session with your best friend which will ultimately create a desired unbreakable bond. Her greatest desire is to provide kind, loving care, and training for your dog which will promote healing and basic training.

I highly recommend Sarah to anyone needing help with their dog to achieve healing, training, and balance. She is truly a “DOG WHISPERER.”

Connie M. Finley, M.Ed., Retired Educator and Elementary Principal