Service Dogs

The Service dog programs that we are currently offering are for:

The dog training process can take anywhere from 1-3 years to complete. This is based on many factors and every client can be a bit different depending on the training program you decide to go with.

All dogs are task trained to meet your needs
All dogs are trained knowing the basic commands
The dogs are socialized in all environments

Depending on the client’s location, we offer several different options.
-Board and train is our most popular. This is perfect for people that do not have the time to train each day or people that do not live locally.
-Private lessons or day training are great for locals that want to do owner trained. I work side by side with you, guiding you through the process
-Coaching does not matter where you are located, it’s all done in a step by step process while the owner does all of the hands-on part

-Have a diagnosed physical or mental disability as per ADA standards
-Live in a stable environment
-Able to meet the physical and mental needs of the dog
-Have reliable transportation should an emergency vet visit be necessary

Most people looking for a service dog only consider that there are 2 options, but there are actually 3. You can train the dog yourself, you can go through a program, or you can use a private trainer.

Owner training can be very hard at times, debilitating symptoms make it very difficult to get the training in that the dog needs. A dog requires hours of training.

Program dogs typically have a long wait, they don’t always place dogs in homes with other dogs, but they are cheaper.

Private trainers may have a waitlist unless you catch them at the right time, the programs are 100% customizable, but it is more expensive.

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